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  • Upheavals of Thought. The Intelligence of Emotions. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (...), 2003. XIII,751p. Paperback. Nice copy.'It is an awesomely ambitious and unabashedly personal book. It contains, I would suggest, three elegant studies of the role of the emotions in human flourishing. The first part of 'Upheavals', a treatise in itself, concerns the nature of emotion and Nussbaum's now familiar thesis that emotions are evaluative judgments, a thesis, in its broad outlines. that she inherits directly from the Stoics. The second part is a much-needed and persuasive manifesto concerning the ethical importance as well as the cognitive nature of compassion. It is powerful in its own right, but I fear that it will be neglected as it sits so quietly in the middle of this rather enormous and energetic tome. (…) The third part of the book is an exploration of a realm Nussbaum has long claimed as her own, the still under-appreciated but rich interconnections between ethics (and philosophy more general) and literature. (…) The focus of a good deal of this third part (again, a book in itself) is erotic love, and it begins (…) with a new statement of Nussbaum's well-known interpretation of Plato's Symposium.' (ROBERT C. SOLOMON IN Mind (New Series), 2002, p.897). € 34.50 (Antiquarian) ISBN: 9780521531825

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