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  • VIVARIUM. A Journal for Mediaeval Philosophy and the Intellectual Life of the Middle Ages. Vol.II, no 1 - Vol.VIII, no.2. VanGorcum, Assen, 1964-70. 14 vols. Sewn.A.o.: L.M. de RIJK: On the chronology of Boethius' works on logic; L.M. de RIJK: Some new Evidence on twelfth century Logic: Alberic and the School of Mont Ste Geneviève; P. WILPERT: Zur Textüberlieferung der Docta ignorantia; G.J.J. WALSTRA: Thomas de Cantimpré: De naturis rerum. L.M. de RIJK: On The Genuine Text of Peter of Spain's Summule logicales. € 259.50 (Antiquarian)

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