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  • ILLINOIS CLASSICAL STUDIES. Volume XVI. 1 & 2. Scholars Press, n.p., 1991. 402p. Soft cover. Fore edge and pp.177-182 at upper corner slightly stained. Lower corner little bit dog's eared. A.o.: H. PATZER: Die Reise des Telemach (pp.17-37); Th. COLE: Who was Corax? (pp.65-85); B. HUGHES FOWLER: The Creatures and the Blood (pp.85-101); K.J. RECKFORD: Strepsiades as a Comic Ixion (pp.125-137); D. SANSONE: Iphigeniea Changes Her Mind (pp.161-173); K.J. DOVER: Fathers, Sons and Forgiveness (pp.173-183); H.F. NORTH: Combing and Curling: Orator Summus Plato (pp.201-221); R. RENEHAN: Aritotle’s Elegiacs to Eudemus (pp.255-269); Ph. DE LACY: Galen’s Response to Skepticism (pp.283-307); A.R. DYCK: The Fragments of Alexander of Cotiaeum (pp.307-337). From the library of the late Sir Kenneth James Dover. € 14.50 (Antiquarian)

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