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  • Ontology and the Art of Tragedy. An Approach to Aristotle's Poetics. State University of New York Press, IX,152p. Paperback.'This book is lucidly written and compactly reasoned. It wastes few words and manages to develop its thesis in a progressively interesting manner. Its arguments will repay close attention from anyone concerned with interpretation of the Poetics at an advanced level. Especially instructive is Husain’s sustained engagement with – indeed endorsement of - the markedly objectivist slant of Aristotle’s thinking about mimetic art. I have, however, serious qualms about two central planks of her case: first, her understanding of the place of pity and fear, and therefore catharsis, in the definition of tragedy; second, the breach that she posits between Aristotle’s understanding of tragic action in art and ethical action in life.' (STEPHEN HALLIWELL, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, 2004). € 12.50 (Antiquarian) ISBN: 9780791451441

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