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  • Il ratto dal serraglio. Euripide. Plauto. Mozart. Rossini. Patròn Editiore, Bologna, 1979.176p. Sewn. Cover a little bit stained. 'Questa draws attention to the similarity of thematic (occasionally even verbal) material of romantic melodramas like 'Iphigenia in Tauris' and 'Helen', and of Plautine New Comedy derivarives like 'Miles', 'Rudens', 'Captivi' to traditional themes of the classical 'Singspiel' and opera, of which he singles out Mozart's 'Entführung' and Rossini's 'Italiana in Algeri', where, agains a background of pirate kidnaps, exotic despots, captive maidens, ardent rescuers, and scheming, or scoundrelly, servants, the familiar routines of recognition, turning-of-tables, and nick-of-time-rescues, contribute to the happy endings of escapist entertainment: a learned and urbane little book, which will interest classical scholars who are also opera enthusiasts.' (E. KERR BORTHWICK in The classical Review (New Series), 1980, p.186). From the library of the late Prof. W. Geoffrey Arnott. € 27.50 (Antiquarian)

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