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  • Modern Critical Theory and Classical Literature. Brill, Leiden (...), 1994. VI,292p. Cloth wrps. A.o.: I.J.F. de JONG: Between Word and Deed: Hidden Thoughts in the Odyssey (pp.27-51); S. GOLDHILL: The Failure of Exemplarity (pp.51-75); G.W. MOST: Simonides' Ode to Scopas in contexts (pp.127-153); R. COHEN: Speech Act Theory and the Plays of Plautus (pp.171-207); R. NAUTA: Historicizing Reading: the Aesthetics of Reception and Horace's 'Soracte Ode' (pp.207-231); Ch. SEGAL: Philomela's Web and the Pleasure of Text: Reader and Violence in the 'Metamorphoses' of Ovid (pp.257-281). € 65.00 (Antiquarian) ISBN: 9789004095717

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