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  • IG II2 2323. The List of the Victors in Comedies at the Dionysia. Brill, Leiden, 1967. IX,59p. Sewn. Cover partly yellowed. 'This inscription, which gave a full account of comic performances at the Dionysia from the end of the third century B.C. until well on into the second, is understandablu magnetic. It provides invaluable information about the Athenian archon-list and looks as if it ought to provide more, and gives us playwrights, actors, and titles from a badly-documented period. (...) Ruck has done his best to squeeze more out of the inscription, but it cannot really be said that anything very certain emerges. (...) This study is sensible and competent, as far as it goes, and anyone needing this text should now use it.' (D.M. LEWIS in The Classical Review (New Series), 1969, p.243/44). From the library of the late Prof. W. Geoffrey Arnott. € 25.00 (Antiquarian)

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