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  • The Art of Plato. Ten Essays in Platonic Interpretation. Duckworth, London, 1995. XV,335p. Original blue cloth with dust wrps. May require extra shipping costs: weight including packing from 1 - 2 Kg. 'Among the strengths of the book are its insights into the serious philosophical purposes served by the dialogue form (...). The book contains some particularly illuminating remarks about characterization. R. believes that 'Socrates adapted his conversational approach according to his interlocutor' (p.58), and that Plato's dialogues reflect this practice. Also helpful are R.'s discussions of the varieties of dialogue form, of the setting and circumstances of each dilogue, of the structure of particular dialogues, and of metaphors and imagery. On the other hand, R. neglects some important issues relevant to the literary aspects of the dialogues. (...) Another weakness of the book is that it pays too little attention to the more purely philosophical aspects of the dialogues. (...) This book is well worth reading for its many valuable insights and its good conversation.' (ELIZABETH BELFIORE in The Classical Review (New Series), 1997, pp.33-34). € 75.00 (Antiquarian) ISBN: 9780715626412

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