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  • Smoke Signals for the Gods. Ancient Greek Sacrifice from the Archaic through Roman Periods. Oxford University Press, 2015. 442p. Paperback. 'Naiden is the first scholar to pull together so many accounts of sacrifice in such a sophisticated fashion, and he exhibits a masterful range. His collection of anecdotes and testimonia will benefit generations of scholars, who could only look to the abbreviated entries in lexica or handbooks like ThesCRA, which do not aim to be comprehensive. Naiden embraces the full spectrum and is able to collapse it all into an accessible paradigm based on human desire for divine approval and assistance. It's brilliantly simple and the narrative he creates renders a dizzying variety of ancient testimony and criticism into a bite-sized format. He has effectively dismantled the 20th century theories, creating a new point of reference for Classical studies on this topic.' (SARAH HITCH in Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2013.09.52). € 34.50 (New) ISBN: 9780190232719

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