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  • Il fungo sul Vesuvio. Secondo Plinio il Giovane. Lucarini, Roma, 1989. 106,16p. ills. Sewn. With gift intention from the author to Professor Carl Deroux on title page. Series: Proposte, 22. (Rare). This slim book was first published, according to the preface, in 1979 (...). It si worth saying that it is a reprint of Gigante's article 'Il racconto pliniano dell' eruzione del Vesuvio dell'a. 79', PP 34 (1979), 321-76, with the addition of a text and translation of Pliny's letters 6.16 and 6.20, sixteen plates reproducing eighteenth and nineteenth century maps and illustrations of Vesuvius, Pompeii and Herculaneum, and a folio of the Mediceus of Pliny's letters containing the start of 6.20; there is an index locorum and an index of modern writers referred to. On the scientific and archaeological fronts the 1979 article has been superseded, but it remains a valuable study of the literary artistry of Pliny's letters, though G. is unnecessarily inclined to suppose that Pliny has invented details for literary ends.'(HARRY M. HINE in The Classical Review (new Series), 1991, p.239). From the library of Professor Carl Deroux. € 29.50 (Antiquarian) ISBN: 9788870333558

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