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  • EDISTON LOGODIEPNON. Logopédies. Mélanges de Philologie et de Linguistique grecques offerts à Jean Taillardat. Peeters / Selaf, Paris, 1988. XIV,261p. Paperback. 'This is a wide-ranging collection of articles written by twenty-two scholars who are all working in French universities and institutions, and offered as a tribute to Prof. Taillardat (...). It is an excellent indication of the strength and schope of French scholarship in the fields of Greek philology and linguistics, and justifies the claim (...) that its aim is to instruct and even to divert the reader and to show that philology, while being a 'science rigoureuse', is far from being a 'discipline triste'. (A.C. MOORHOUSE in The Classical Review (New Series), 1990, p.86). From the library of Professor Carl Deroux. € 37.50 (Antiquarian) ISBN: 9782877230032

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