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  • The Principles of Semantics. Basil Blackwell, Oxford / Jackson, Glasgow, 1967. 3rd impr.enlarged with more biliographical material. XII,352p. Original cloth. Spine stained. Signature and date on free endpaper. ‘A systematic survey and synthesis of modern developments in semasiology, or linguistic semantics, has long been overdue; particularly so in English, where no comprehensive text or treatise on this subject has been published for over a quarter of a century. The book under review, by Stephen Ullmann, (…) fills this need to a considerable extent. In addition to pulling together various strands within recent semantic theory, Ullmann also presents a coherent conceptual framework of his own, relatively wide in scope, that should prove stimulating for future research. Particularly praiseworthy is the author’s attempt to clarify the difference, and at the same time to show up areas of possible integration or at least closer coordination, between semantics in the traditional linguistic sense (viz., the purely empirical study of conventional word meanings) and certain nonlinguistic (psychological, epistemological, often normatively oriented) inquiries into language usage, or into symbolism in general, which have also come to be labeled ‘semantics’ in recent decades.’ LEO PAP in American Speech, 1959, p.287). € 14.50 (Antiquarian)

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