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    Philo. Foundations of Religious Philosophy in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Volume I. Volume II. Harvard University Press, Cambrdige (Mass.) / London, 1982. 5th impr. 2 vols. XVI,462;XIV,531p. Original blue gilt titled cloth. ‘Wolfson systematises Philo into logical arranged topics, such as appear in medieval writers. His chapters end with a ‘Conclusion, Influence, Anticipation,’ serving to indicate the direction of the development, in the medieval philosophers, of the individual philosophic aspect as it appears in Philosophy. As Wolfson himself puts it, this work on Philo ‘is … designed to serve as a general prolegomenon to the major problems of religious philosophy for the seventeen centuries following Philo’ (I, VI). (…) Wolfson makes it abundantly clear that Philo’s sermonic writings are not systematic philosophy. (…) Since ‘system’ is Wolfson’s basic interest, he gives us little interpretation or description of Philo’s ‘sermons’; he gives us not Philo’s writings, but the philosophy explicit and implicit in them. (…) This approach is wonderfully illuminating.’ (SAMUEL SANDMEL in Classical Philology, 1949, p.49). (Antiquarian)  (approx. delivery time: undeliverable)

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