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  • Studies in Platonism and Patristic Thought. Variorum Reprints, London, 1984. XII,354p. Original blue gilt titled cloth. Signature J. Mansfeld on free endpaper. Series: Variorum Reprint CS201. 'The studies contained in this present volume date from the years 1967-1983 during which an important concern for me was the edition of the Greek text of Alcinous 'Didaskalios', now soon to appear in the collection Budé with a revised translation of the Greek text by my good friend Recteur Pierre Louis. For this sense the papers presented here may be regarded, in one sense as by-products of my editorial work, and the Middle Platonic tradition may for the same reason be considered the main focal point of their attention. Although they do not offer in any way an exhaustive treatment of the Platonic tradition and its Patristic ramifications, they do, I believe, possess a sort of unity, and I have attempted to emphasize this by presenting them here in a thematic order. I have purposely omitted from this collection papers dealing with manuscripts which have no immediate relevance to the history of Platonism, as well as papers which deal exclusively with renaissance scholarship or with other topics.' JOHN WHITTAKER in the Preface, p.XI). € 75.00 (Antiquarian) ISBN: 9780860781493

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