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  • La religion en Gaule romaine. Piété et politique (Ier - IIIe siècle apr. J.-C.). Errance, Paris, 2002. 336p. ills.(B&W line drawings and photographs). Paperback. Small stamp on title page. Nice copy. (Rare). 'This is a thorough and systematic study, which will be consulted with much profit by students of Roman religion in the provinces. In terms of geography, Van Andringa focuses on Gallia Comata, the provinces of Lugdenensis, Aquitania, and Belgica, but gives considerable aatention to Roman Germany as well. In terms of organization, he follows a topical rather than chronological approach. (...) pat I examines ritual space and its rôle in the cult life of Roman Gaul. Part II treats the nature of the gods worshipped in Roman Gaul. Part II is devoted to the worshipper, as priest, citizen, and private individual. A very brief conclusion is followed by a series of appendices, listing holders of priesthoods and occurences of such cult formulae as 'In Honorem Domus Divinae' in inscriptiones from Roman Gaul. (...) For those whishing a current and detailed scholarly study of religion in Roman Gaul, V.A. is the place to start.' (J. RUFUS FEARS in The Classical Review (New Series), 2004, pp.519-520). From the library of Prof. Carl Deroux. € 75.00 (Antiquarian) ISBN: 9782877722285

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