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  • La cité grecque d'Homère à Alexandre. Traduit de l'anglais par Fr. Regnot. Éditions la Découverte, Paris, 1992. 431p. Paperback. Original title: The Greek City from Homer to Alexander. 'The book is divided into four sections. The first discusses the city in a Mediterranean context, with a stimulating paper by N. Purcell on mobility and the city, which emphasises the relations of the Greeks with other peoples of the Mediterraenan and the Near East (...). The second offers contributions on physical aspects of the Greek polis and its environment with two papers on the Greek countryside, and the importance of archaeological survey in reconstructing the ancient rural environment in which the Greek city was set. Of the other two papers in this section one attempts to analyse the size, the resources and the resulting interdependence of the members of the Delian League (...), and the other gives a more general account of the Greek house and private space in the cities of Classical Greece. The third section contains six papers dealing with political, institutional and religious aspects of the polis. Included in this section are papers on collective activity in the city, the importance of the law courts in political decision making at Athens, public property, and the concept of who saves the city from danger and how it relates to marginal human groups within the city. The final section concerns the decline of the city and argues how the inbred weaknesses of the polis itself brought this about. (...) Although on the model of A.H.M. Jones' book the title might be considered deceptive, the reader, whilst nog necessarily agreeing with the ideas expressed in the individual papers, will find the contributions controversial and stimulating.' (E.J. OWENS on the English edition in The Classical Review (New Series), 1991, pp.387-388). From the library of Prof. Carl Deroux. € 30.00 (Antiquarian) ISBN: 9782707121776

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