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  • Bibliographie analytique de la prière grecque et romaine (1898-1998). Par les membres du C.A.R.R.A. (Centre d'Analyse des Rhétoriques Religieuses de l'Antiquité). Brepols, Turnhout, 2000. 361p. Cardboard. Series: Recherches sur les Rhétoiques Religieuses, 1. 'Un catalogue, ça ne se lit pas', said a jaded Frenchmen who had doubtless been given too many to review. Anyone tempted to think the same of this useful bibliography would be mistaken. The books are listed in alphabetical order, each being given a number (...). There follows a series of aids to navigation. (...) There are also indexes of Latin and Greek words, proper names, and authors and texts. Each main entry is divided into rubrics. There is a summary, a (somewhat subjective) assessment of whether the work is of primary or secondary relevance, an indication of the period of time and geographical area involved, a list of themes, and a note of any texts specifically discussed. The compilers have been admirably thorough. (...) Theyr are to be congratuled on producing a very serviceable 'instrument de travail'. (S.J. PULLEYN in The Classical Review (New Series), 2001, p.415). From the library of Prof. Carl Deroux. € 50.00 (Antiquarian) ISBN: 9782503509525

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