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  • Between Jerusalem and Athens. Israeli Theatre and the Classical Tradition. Oxford University Press, 2018. 480p. Hardback. Series: Classical Presences. Yaari's book opens a window to Israeli theater for nonspecialists in this field, without any need for prior familiarity with the Hebrew language. It is also a valuable contribution to the widening field of classical reception, showing how this discipline can be a catalyst for invigorating examinations of the politics of cultural and religious identities ... Yaari's research is an invitation to further study how modern Israeli culture identifies itself both within and in contrast to the Mediterranean space, broadly construed, with its European and Arab components coexisting in close proximity. Abigail Akavia, Classical Philology |a 03/08/2020 (Publisher's information). € 142.67 (New)  (approx. delivery time: 14 days) ISBN: 9780198746676