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  • God and Abstract Objects: Volume 0, Part 0. Cambridge University Press, 2019. 75p. Paperback. Series: Elements in the Philosophy of Religion. Some believe that there is a God who is the source of all things; and some believe that there are necessarily existing abstract objects. But can one believe both these things? That is the question of this Element. First, Einar Duenger Bøhn clarifies the concepts involved, and the problem that arises from believing in both God and abstract objects. Second, he presents and discusses the possible kinds of solutions to that problem. Third, Bøhn discusses a new kind of solution to the problem, according to which reality is most fundamentally made of information. (Publisher's information). € 18.21 (New) (Printed on Demand)  (approx. delivery time: 4 weeks) ISBN: 9781108457446