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    On Hunting. (Kynergetikos). Edited with an Introduction, Translation and commentary by A.A. Phillips and M.M. Willcock. Aris & Phillips, Warminster, n.d.(1999). 1st ed. XII,196p. Paperback. Ex libris R.W. Sharples glued to paste-down endpaper. With gift intention from one of the editiors to R.W. Sharples (Bob). 'If you like (ancient) hunting, you'll love this edition. If you consider yourself interested in Greek cultural history and/or elite Greek prose writing, you need this edition. By and large the translation is accurate and stylish and if this reviewer would have liked to have seen more breadth in the commentary notes and introduction, they should nevertheless be praised for displaying an impressive level of scholarship, technical expertise and attention to detail whilst fulfilling the Aris and Phillips requirement of brevity, clarity and accessibility to all comers.' (JOHN HESK in Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2000.11.19). (Antiquarian)  (approx. delivery time: undeliverable) ISBN: 9780856687068

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