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  • Zur Darstellung des Kaisers Tiberius und seiner Zeit bei Velleius Paterculus. Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Main (...), 1985. 328p. Paperback. Cover partly yellowed. Pages a bit yellowed. Series: Europäische Hochschulschriften, Reihe III, Geschichte und ihre Hilfswissenschaften, Bd./Vol.247. ‘The first of the book’s two principal sections sets out to examine Velleius’ portrayal of his hero Tiberius in relation to the conventions of the basilikos logos, in an attempt to discern what elements in it are purely traditional, what if any original to Velleius. K.’s approach is thorough, ruthlessly methodical and lucidly organised. She deals in turn with each of the major rubrics of panegyric (…) and her analysis of each category follows the same procedure. (…) In the main the results are hardly surprising: exaltation of Tiberius above all other major figures, on grounds essentially Roman more than Hellenistic, but with a basically accurate estimate of his character and achievements, though adorned with flourishes of panegyrical exaggeration. (…) the second and perhaps more interesting chapter deals with the influence of contemporary ideas in general and in particular of ‘official’ views and propaganda on Velleius’ treatment of such themes as the nature of the principate, the notions of decline and resurgence in Roman history, pax and otium, and Rome’s rise to world rule. This last K. rightly sees as the fundamental theme of Velleius’ work as a whole: he feels no need to justify Rome’s imperial mission and offers no criticism of imperialism’s excesses. Most interesting is the tension and sometimes inconsistency that K. Is able to trace in the attitudes of Velleius the successful new man, who at times loyally maintains the outlook of the class from which he sprang, at others enthusiastically adopts that of the class from which he sought acceptance. (…) K. concludes that Velleius in the main parades official views and shows few signs of idiosyncratic opinions. She sees this as a proof of the success of imperial propaganda, especially among men of Velleius’ class and type.’ (ROBIN SEAGER in Gnomon, 1987, pp.68-69). € 45.00 (Antiquarian) ISBN: 9783820474893

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