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  • Facing West. American Evangelicals in an Age of World Christianity. Oxford University Press, 2020. 320p. Hardback. Beautifully researched and creatively conceived, Facing West is a remarkable account of American evangelicalism in its transnational context, one that turns our focus toward the contributions of believers in the global South. This expansive history moves from the Cold War to the war against human trafficking, from Korea to Latin America to East Africa, and Swartz is the intelligent, rigorous, and yet generous guide we need to understand the global politics of a border-crossing community. A truly impressive book. Melani McAlister, Professor of American Studies & International Affairs, George Washington University |a 28/05/2020 (Publisher's information). € 31.24 (New)  (approx. delivery time: 14 days) ISBN: 9780190250805