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  • JOURNAL OF THE WARBURG AND COURTAULD INSTITUTES. Vol.XXXI. Trinity Press, Worcester/London, 1968. 461p. 97 plates (B&W photographs). Soft cover. Corners little bit dogs eared.A.o.: R.S. BRUMBAUGH: Symbolism in the Plato Scholia, III: A Final Summary (pp.2-12); A.I. SABRA: Thabit Ibn Qurra on Euclid's Parallels Postulate (pp.12-33); D. WINFIELD: Some Early Medieval Figure Sculpture from North-Aest Turkey (pp.33-73); H. MIEDEMA: The Term Emblema in Alciati (pp.234-251); Ch. DEMPSEY: Mercurius Ver: The Sources of Botticelli's Primavera (pp.251-274). € 34.50 (Antiquarian)

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