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  • Plato's Poetics. The Authority of Beauty. University Press Utah, Salt Lake City, 1981. XII,223p. Cloth wrps.Plato, a master poet himself and of all philosophers one of the greatest lovers of poetry, struggles mightily with the seductive Muse - then banishes her fro mhis ideal Republic. Beauty in language presents a danger, for words are the only means by which we can communicate ideas, And Plato is too concerned with the substance lying behind his words to trust any human means of expression. His struggle with poetry has produced one of the most important statements of aesthetics in the history of Western culture. Plato's Poetics nevertheless have never been fully outlined and he has thus never assumed his proper role in the tradition of literary criticism. Partee offers a unified and cogent discussion op Plato's efforts to reconcile his magnificent poetic power and his love of poetry with his commitment to unyieliding philosophical integrity. € 37.00 (Antiquarian) ISBN: 9780874801972

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