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  • HESPERIAM 1 - 6. The Journal of the Joint Association of Classical Teachers, London, 1978 (?) - 1983. 6 vols. 90,102, 100, 78, 75,103p.A.o.: R. WELLS: Education through Greek coins (1, pp.18-40); E. NESBITT: Classics and Multicultural education (2, pp.79-97); R.M. JACOBI: Villas, The Cambridge Latin Course and Gaius Salvius Liberalis (3, pp.53-83); J. GRIFFIN: On the relationship of literature to life (4, pp.7-24); M. BALME: Practical criticism - a passing fashion? (5, pp.23-39); J. BARSBY: Plautus in translation (6, pp.36-65). From the library of the late Sir Kenneth James Dover. € 25.00 (Antiquarian)

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