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  • Theocritus and the Archaeology of Greek Poetry. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (...), 1996. XII,207p. Cloth wrps. Wrps slightly worn. Nice copy. H.'s interpretation of Theocritus is both eloquent and elegant. He is honest about uncertainties of date, influence or interpretation; he avoids the extremes of current interpretations of Alexandrian poetry which read it either as written by and for an elite of scholars or as composed purely for festival competition or royal delectation. Above all, he creates a picture that is (to me) both convincing and appealing, of a poet who recognizes and employs the complementarity of allusion and originality, who seeks to revive and honor the earlier traditions of Greek poetry as a means of creating something that simultaneously partakes of those traditions and is completely his own. Both H.'s Theocritus and H. himself in his readings of the poems emerge as creative talents of extraordinary generosity. This is (...) an admirable book, and it is admirable both for the scholarship it displays and the manner in which it displays it. Like all students of Hellenistic poetry, I had great respect for H. before reading this book; reading it has increased my admiration both for H. and for Theocritus.' (JAMES E.G. ZETZEL in Bryn Mawr Classical Review 97.9.01). From the library of the late Prof. W. Geoffrey Arnott. € 62.50 (Antiquarian) ISBN: 9780521560405

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