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  • Men of Bronze. Hoplite Warfare in Ancient Greece. Princeton University Press, Princeton / Oxford, 2013. XXI,286p. Cloth wrps. The present book, stemming from a 2008 conference held at Yale, gathers essays from several of the leading participants in the “hoplite debate” and, rather than offering a solution to the many issues involved, presents each side clearly and concisely so that the reader gains an understanding of the debate’s terms, ramifications, and personalities. (...) Following a preface and introduction outlining the aims of the original conference and giving a brief overview of the book’s chapters, Donald Kagan and Gregory F. Viggiano in Chapter 1 provide a very useful synopsis of the hoplite debate. This chapter traces the debate from Grote in the 19th century to the present day, and will prove valuable to anyone wishing to get up to speed on past and current developments in the study of hoplite warfare.' (MATTHEW A. SEARS in Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2013.10.70). € 33.50 (New) ISBN: 9780691143019

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