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  • Sklaverei und Humanität. Studien zur antiken Sklaverei und ihrer Erforschung. Franz Steiner Verlag, Wiesbaden, 1972. 2nd enlargeded. VII,170p. Sewn. Series: Historia, Zeitschrift für alte Geschichte, Einzelschriften, Heft 8. (Rare).'Professor Vogt has here collected five essays on aspects of ancient slavery which he had previously published and added tow more, 'Sklaventreue'(...) and 'Die Humanisten und die Sklaverei'. (...) Great learning, sound judgement, and lucid exposition mark all his essays (...).Not the least valuable part of this book consists in Vogt's survey of the modern historiography of the subject (...0 and the abundant citations of recent works including those of Marxist scholars, many inaccessible to those ignorant of Russian.' (P.A. BRUNT in The Classical Review (New Series), 1967, pp.81-82). € 18.50 (Antiquarian)

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