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  • Der Pointierte Stil des Tacitus. Aschendorffsche Verlagsbuchhandlung, Münster, 1980. 2nd corr.ed. 135p. Sewn. Cardboard. Spine and back cover a bit yellowed. 'This study, which has some interest and value, would have still more if it were either double of half its present length. It purports to be a general investigation into the phenomena, effects, basis, and significance of the pointed style of Tacitus, but it is in fact a study of certain aspects only of that style, providing the basic material for such a general investigation. It suffers from the constitutional weakness of the German doctoral thesis - a dogged exploration of familiar avenues and a turning of well-turned stones - and it shows the complementary virtue of detailed and careful consideration of the 'minutiae' of style. This consideration is both useful and interesting, and could, if suitably and profitably trimmed, have made a valuable full-length article. (...) As it is, the real value lies in the extensive analysis of a great variety of passages from the whole range of Tacitus' work. Here there are some pretty trees: but one would prefer to have seen rather more of the wood.' (N.P. MILLER in The Classical Review (New Series), 1964, pp.55-57). € 16.00 (Antiquarian)

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