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  • Greek Tragic Style. Form, Language and Interpretation. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2014. 1st paperback edition. XIX,471p. Paperback. An exhaustive study of Greek tragic style could, potentially, fill thousands of pages. R. does not claim to be offering an exhaustive or comprehensive account, merely 'an exploration'. (...) R. not only offers a sober, lucid account of the principal features of tragic form and language, but he also directs the novice (...) to other authoritative accounts. (...) The value of R.'s work lies in the fact that it puts its finger decisively on many important topics and provides ample stimulus for further debate. Its clarity and rigour of presentation are hard to fault, its discussions of individual passges are satisfyingly complex and thoughtful, and above all is a timely reminder of the importance treating tragedy as poetry.' (MATTHEW WRIGHT in The Classical Review (New Series), 2013, pp.33-34). € 33.95 (New) ISBN: 9781107470750

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