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    Disenchanting India. Organized Rationalism and Criticism of Religion in India. Oxford University Press, 2011. 380p. Paperback. Johannes Quack has ventured into new territory in his close study of the Indian rationalist movement, particularly its manifestations in early twenty-first century Maharashtra. He has combined ethnographic analysis, social theory, and a deep knowledge of Indian history with reflections on secularism, religious belief, rationality, enchantment, and disenchantment. The result is a vivid depiction of India in the throes of modernity, in which class, gender, nationalism, and ideological and discursive strategies are contesting for the very future of India. This excellent volume must be examined by anyone interested in modern and contemporary India because it addresses in a most illuminating way a desperately understudied topic. Frederick M. Smith, Professor of Sanskrit and Classical Indian Religions, University of Iowa (Publisher's information). (New) (Printed on Demand)  (approx. delivery time: undeliverable) ISBN: 9780199812622