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  • Hippolytos. Edited with Introduction and Commentary by W.S. Barrett. Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1992. First paperback ed. XVI,453p. Paperback. Spine with reading trace. Lower edge a bit grimy. 'This book has developed from lectures given to Oxford undergraduates. Throughout the many years while it grew Barrett kept the needs and interests of undergraduates in mind. The explanations of the Commentary will doubtless be a boon to them, especially as he has skillfully kept the more esoteric and polemical disquisitions apart from the basic interpretation. Still, the principal gainers will be a category referred to by Barrett as 'experienced scholars' and I am sure that no scholar can be so experienced as not to derive an immense profit from this work. Materially and methodically alike its interest extends far beyond the specialists on Euripides or even on Greek drama as a whole.' (FRIEDRICH SOLMSEN in The American Journal of Philology, 1967, p.86). € 21.50 (Antiquarian)

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