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    Subject and Object in Renaissance Culture. Cambridge University Press, 1996. 420p. Paperback. Series: Cambridge Studies in Renaissance Literature and Culture, 8. This collection of original essays brings together some of the most prominent figures in new historicist and cultural materialist approaches to the early modern period, and offers a new focus on the literature and culture of the Renaissance. Traditionally, Renaissance studies have concentrated on the human subject. The essays collected here bring objects - purses, clothes, tapestries, houses, maps, feathers, communion wafers, tools, pages, skulls - back into view. As a result, the much-vaunted early modern subject ceases to look autonomous and sovereign, but is instead caught up in a vast and uneven world of objects which he and she makes, owns, values, imagines, and represents. This book puts things back into relation with people; in the process, it elicits new critical readings, and new cultural configurations. (Publisher's information). (New) (Printed on Demand)  (approx. delivery time: undeliverable) ISBN: 9780521455893