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  • The Virtues of Freedom. Selected Essays on Kant. Oxford University Press, 2016. 336p. Paperback. This is a masterful achievement by one of the world's foremost Kant scholars. It represents a welcome and original contribution to Kant's ethics. It will be mandatory reading for anyone interested in Kant's conception of freedom ... Guyer succeeds in saying something new about a familiar theme in the way he untangles the novel aspects of Kant's account of the nature and value of moral freedom, and meticulously reconstructs Kant's various attempts to justify the claim that finite rational agents possess the freedom to act on the basis of categorical moral commands ... All of the essays advance scholarly debates about Kant's philosophy in notable ways. Guyer's analysis reflects a mastery of Kant's corpus and a deep knowledge of the relevant views of Kant's most important predecessors and contemporaries Anne Margaret Baxley, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews |a 17/1/18 (Publisher's information). € 40.07 (New)  (approx. delivery time: 14 days) ISBN: 9780198755654