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  • For God and Liberty. Catholicism and Revolution in the Atlantic World, 1790-1861. Oxford University Press, 2022. 384p. Paperback. For God and Liberty definitively and artfully overturns the secularization thesis with respect to Latin America's great Independence movements. At the heart of the nineteenth-century wars of Independence was a sprawling, transatlantic religious conflict that pitted two different visions for the future of the church: one imperial, papal, and monarchical and the other regional, democratically governed, and laicized. Pamela Voekel expounds this grand thesis with unrivaled archival acuity and skill. Historians of religion, politics, democracy, and secularism will be reckoning with Voekel's magnum opus for decades to come. Jennifer Scheper Hughes, author of The Church of the Dead: The Epidemic of 1576 and the Birth of Christianity in the Americas |a 03/01/2023 (Publisher's information). € 32.60 (New)  (approx. delivery time: 14 days) ISBN: 9780197610206