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  • Septuagint Research. Issues and Challenges in the Study of Greek Jewish Scriptures. Brill, Leiden/Boston, 2006. XV,414p. Cloth. Series: Society of Biblical Literature, Septuagint and cognate Studies, Vol. 53.A.o.: C. BOYD-TAYLOR: In a Mirror, Dimly - Reading the Septuagint as a Document of Its Times (pp.15-33); R. GLENN WOODEN: Interlinearity in 2 Esdras: A Test Case (pp.119-145); A. SCHART: The Jewish and the Christian Greek Versions of Amos (pp.157-179); H.-J. FABRY: Messianism in the Septuagint (pp.193-207); F. WILK: The Letters of Paul as Witnesses to and for the Septuagint Text (pp.253-273). € 93.00 (Antiquarian)

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