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  • The Creation of the Roman Frontier. Princeton University Press, Princeton, 1985. XII,324p. Paperback. Spine discoloured. Name and date on free endpaper. Initials stamp, date and personal library mark on free endpaper. 'The unwary reader might expect, from the title of this book, that its subject matter would be the development of Roman frontier defences under the Empire, and so constitute a further contribution to the burgeoning genre of 'Limesstudien'. (...) the term 'frontier' is employed here in the sense familiar from the American 'west', of a sizeable zone of newly won, partially pacified territory, where the indigennous population and incoming settlers live in a wary proximity. In essence this book is a detailed survey of Roman expansion in the middle and later Republic, with a strong archaeological component. There is an emphasis, where the evidence will allow it, on trade patterns and acculturation. (...) The breadth of the author's reading is reflected in the very substantial bibliography, which includes not only important secondary literature in Italian, French and Spanish journals, but also modern studies in imperialism and the frontier phenomenon. Yet some nagging doubts remain. The author is perhaps too ready to accept earlier interpretations of often precarious archaeological evidence.' (LAWRENCE KEPPIE in The Classical Review (New Series), 1986, p.273). € 27.50 (Antiquarian) ISBN: 9780691102320

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